NJAA Opposes Bill to Create Worker Retention Requirements for Certain Building Service Employees

NJAA testified in opposition to A-3907 (Giblin/Singleton/Quijano) and spearheaded a coalition of business and real estate organizations representing thousands of employers across the state in opposition to the measure.  A-3907 would require that, upon entering into or terminating a contract for building services (which includes, but is not limited to, janitorial, building maintenance, landscaping, and security services) or transferring ownership of a building, a successor contractor or building owner retain the prior business’s employees for a 90-day period, and thereafter on the basis of a satisfactory performance evaluation. This mandate applies to: (1) businesses that lease 35,000 or more square feet of commercial space, (2) commercial office, institutional, or retail buildings of 100,000 or more square feet, and (3) residential apartment and condominium buildings of 50 or more units, provided that they are located in municipalities with a population of 35,000 or more. 
This legislation would favor one group of employees at the expense of others, would contravene the principle of employment at will, and would ultimately disincentive hiring. Additionally, the legislation would create potential legal liability for businesses and impose significant monetary penalties for non-compliance. The bill was approved by the Assembly Appropriations Committee in a party line vote and was advanced to the Assembly Floor for a vote on Monday, July 27. NJAA is continuing to oppose the measure. Click here for a copy of a desk letter in opposition to the bill.