NJAA Continues to Oppose Duplicative & Redundant Façade Inspection Bill

The NJAA continues to oppose legislation in the Senate and General Assembly that would create a new and duplicative inspection of high-rise building façades and exteriors. The bills, S-2771/A-3895, are modeled after façade inspection requirements initiated in Philadelphia, where there is no equivalent to comprehensive NJ's Hotel & Multiple Dwelling regulations, which have addressed statewide exterior inspection and maintenance standards since 1967.  Both bills on Second Reading and could be posted on the Floor as early as next week.

The NJAA has opposed this ill-advised initiative every step of the way - in Assembly Housing & Local Government on May 5 and June 13, as well as in the Senate Community & Urban Affairs Committee on May 12. For a copy of NJAA's Assembly testimony, click here, and Senate testimony, click here. All of the major real estate trade groups are united in opposition: NJAA, as well as NAIOP-NJ, NJ Builders Association, and Community Association's Institute of NJ. NJ Tenants Organization also recently announced their opposition, and on June 15 the Department of Community Affairs announced in a letter to the sponsors that they were opposed as well. Although the sponsors have pledged to seek to address stakeholders concerns before the bills are posted for final passage, with the Legislature in the final three-week drive to the June 30 deadline to have an FY 2012 State Budget signed by the Governor, anything can happen. 

Click here for a copy of A-3895 as amended and approved on June 13.