NJAA Announces Historical Timeline in Celebration of 25 Years

The New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA), which commemorates its 25th Anniversary this year, launched a historical timeline at www.njaa.com, depicting key moments beginning with its split from the Builders Association in 1986 and extending to its recent participation in developing a national bed bug remediation strategy.

Along the way the Association has enjoyed numerous accomplishments and expansion, growing to represent the owners of more than 180,000 apartment units and as multi-family’s presence at the State House has grown to represent the diverse interests of multi-family owners, managers, builders and developers. Whether the issues were legislative, legal, regulatory or policy related, the NJAA has engaged across the spectrum and made a real difference for our members on issues like security deposit laws, rent control, solid waste re-imbursements, energy efficiency and utility sub-metering, economic development, Smart Growth and land use decision making, reducing government ‘red tape,’ tax policy, and Fair Housing compliance.

“Twenty-five years is the perfect time for us to capture our history – many of the people who made it happen are still involved with the Association and provided insights and original materials that make for an engaging presentation,” says Jeff Smith, president of NJAA.   “Our first years were certainly modest in comparison to what we have become, but in looking at the progression in the timeline, we can see the vision of our founders in everything we do.”

Mr. Smith’s observes in the timeline “our 25th Year has not just been about celebrating history, it is about making history.”  2011 has been a year of records and advancement for the NJAA, including for the first time hosting its convention at the Atlantic City Convention Center to accommodate growth.  It won its first Paragon Award from the National Apartment Association for Membership Development and now offers online education tools and training to members and industry professionals throughout New Jersey.  Additionally, it re-launched www.njaa.com this year, increasing interactivity and providing critical information for operators of apartment buildings and the people who support the industry.