BPU Approves Sub-Metering NJAA Petition for Water Service in New Multi-family Construction

On August 18 the NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) approved the NJAA's petition for approval of sub-metering for water and sewer service in new multi-family rental construction projects, effective immediately. Approval of sub-metering has been an NJAA policy priority for several years and this Order is the culmination of a decade-long advocacy effort spanning five gubernatorial administrations. The Board's Order approves the use of sub-metering technology to measure water consumption on a per unit basis, and charge residents for their actual usage. Copy of final Board Order is expected early next week. Expansion of sub-metering in rental housing was included as a recommendation in the Lt Governor's bi-partisan Red Tape Report (April 2009) and approval of sub-metering is one of the first energy policy recommendations from the Red Tape Report to go into effect.  For a copy of the BPU Order, click here.