Red Tape Review Commission Recommends Eliminating Duplicative Municipal Registration and Inspection of Multiple Dwellings

The New Jersey Apartment Association (NJAA) continues to keep the needs of its members and residents top-of-mind with legislators by working with the bi-partisan Red Tape Review Commission, chaired by Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno, to include the need to reform and streamline the current duplicative system of local and state registration, inspection and maintenance standards for apartments in New Jersey in its most recent report.

The report includes this recommendation as part of a number of steps New Jersey should take to reduce government overlap. The report reads:

There is an overlap of jurisdiction under New Jersey law concerning the maintenance requirements for and inspection of hotels and multiple dwellings. While State law provides municipalities with the ability to adopt local ordinances establishing minimum maintenance standards that are applicable to all types of buildings, statutes enacted subsequently to that law place the responsibility to enforce building maintenance standards in hotels and multiple dwellings with the State, specifically the Bureau of Housing Inspection, Division of Codes and Standards, in DCA. Moreover, there is also a duplication of laws permitting or requiring landlord registration, which creates confusion and permits additional fees to be charged to landlords for the same process. This confusing array of laws requires correction, so that the State's requirements for landlord registration, and maintenance and use standards and inspection of multiple dwellings are clear and not duplicated at the local level.

Click here for a copy of the Red Tape Review Commission's complete report.

“The inclusion of the key NJAA policy priority to eliminate duplicative municipal registration and inspection of rental housing is a major success for NJAA's on-going efforts to keep this issue at the top of the agenda at the State House,” said Jean Maddalon, executive director for the NJAA.  “The Association looks forward to continuing to work with the Red Tape Review Commission, as well as the entire Christie-Guadagno administration, to advance commonsense reforms to New Jersey's historically complex and dense regulatory environment.”

The NJAA has been working with the Red Tape Review Commission since its inception in 2010 to educate them on a number of NJAA priorities, including the need to reform the state's policies on sub-metering of utilities in rental housing, as well as needed reforms to modernize NJ's antiquated boiler inspection requirements.