NJAA Opposed Bill Requiring Parking Garages to Have Emergency Transport Vehicles Held by Senate Committee

Due to concerns raised by NJAA, the Senate Community and Urban Affairs Committee held S-2104, sponsored by Senator Codey (D-Essex) and Senator Kean (R-Union).  As such, there was no vote.

This bill requires certain parking garages to have an onsite emergency vehicle capable of accessing low-clearance areas. NJAA testified in opposition to this measure when its Assembly companion, A-3372 (Huttle), was considered by the Assembly Homeland Security and Preparedness Committee. NJAA highlighted both the cost factors and the potential liability on property owners and garage owners. 

NJAA continues to oppose this bill and has been working with the Senate sponsors, in conjunction with industry partners, on a substitute bill that would accomplish the sponsors’ goals without placing a significant and costly mandate on garage owners and operators.  NJAA will keep its membership apprised on the progress of the bill.

Click here for a copy of the bill as introduced.