DCA Proposes Actions to Increase Access to Affordable Housing and Holds Public Hearing on Plan

The NJ Department of Community Affairs (DCA) held a public hearing on its proposed plan to further fair housing and increase access to affordable housing. The DCA plan, titled the “State of New Jersey FY 2015-2019 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice” (“Analysis of Impediments”), is required of DCA due to its receipt of federal housing funds. The Analysis of Impediments, once finalized, serves as a planning document for all public sector and private sector participants involved in the housing and real estate sectors.


The report identifies seven categories of impediments to fair housing choice within New Jersey: 1) Declining housing affordability, particularly for low-income households, with a rising proportion of low-income households experiencing inadequate or cost burdened housing; 2) A rising proportion of people with Limited English Proficiency; 3) Concentration of subsidized housing units in neighborhoods with relatively high levels of poverty; 4) Lack of public information about fair housing laws and lack of dialog among groups with interests in access to fair housing and housing protections; 5) The continuation of land use and zoning barriers to the production of housing for low income households in some localities; 6) The need for housing for special needs populations, including the disabled, veterans, and the homeless; and 7) Racial and ethnic housing concentration.


NJAA participated in the public hearing and will be providing the DCA with written comments during the public comment process. Click here for a copy of the draft report and click here for the draft appendices. Written submissions are due to the DCA by August 15, 2015. Please contact Nicholas Kikis for additional information.