Helping Those Displaced by the Edgewater Fire

Available Communities

We have developed a list of available apartments in the area and we are coordinating with the Red Cross, as well as State and local officials, to ensure that this list is widely distributed.

Click here for a list of apartment communities for those displaced by the fire in Edgewater.

Would you like to help those displaced by the Edgewater fire? You can be added to our list of available communities and resources.

Please send an email to including the number of apartments immediately available for rent, rent range, and any concessions that you may be able to offer displaced Edgewater residents.

Disaster Relief Fund for the Families Affected by the Edgewater Fire

Please consider making a donation to Edgewater Strong. Please click here to see out how you can donate and aid in restoring the lives of the town’s residents.

The NJAA and its members empathize with the difficulty of being displaced under such circumstances and we stand ready to help those in need.