Jersey City Council Tables 30 Hour Workweek Ordinance as Well as Another Anti-Industry Ordinance Following Strong Opposition

On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, the Jersey City Council tabled two ordinances that would have reduced needed workplace flexibility and created significant disincentives for businesses who operate in Jersey City. Ordinance 16.081 would have established a minimum 30-hour workweek for employees who are retained to provide building services at office buildings, colleges, universities and museums of 150,000 square feet or larger and multifamily communities of 50 units or more. Ordinance 16.082 would have further imposed obligations on these same businesses, requiring that, upon entering into or terminating a service contract for building services, the successor contractor would be required to retain the prior contractor's service employees for a 90-day period, and thereafter on the basis of a "satisfactory" performance evaluation.

NJAA spearheaded a coalition of nine major business groups in opposition to the ordinance. The coalition sent a letter to the council, which outlined three principal concerns: 1) commercial and residential building owners and operators, like any other businesses, need the flexibility to augment their full-time workforce by hiring a combination of part-time workers and contractors; 2) the limitation against hiring part-time workers would effectively bar people wishing to work part-time from pursing jobs in Jersey City in the multifamily and commercial real estate sectors; and 3) these ordinances are not permitted by state law.

NJAA was also mentioned in an article about the ordinances, which can be found here.

Due to the strong opposition against the ordinance, the council tabled the measures. Nevertheless, advocates for the legislation continue to lobby council and press for passage. If you have properties in Jersey City or do business in Jersey City, we urge you to contact council members and express your opposition to this measure.

Click here for a copy of our coalition letter in opposition to both ordinances.

Jersey City Council Tables 30 Hour Workweek Ordinance as Well as Another Anti-Industry Ordinance Following NJAA Led Opposition