NJ Senate Returns from Summer Recess to Take Action on Several Bills

On August 19, the State Senate met for a rare summer voting session to take action on unfinished business from June and to take action on a number of Conditionally Vetoed items returned to the Legislature by the Governor. Key on the agenda was the Economic Opportunity Act of 2013 (A-3860 – Coutinho/Lesniak), which consolidates five economic development programs into two (these programs are designed to attract and retain businesses through awarding tax credits and incentives). The Governor is expected to Conditionally Veto provisions of the bill, which would require the both General Assembly and Senate to meet again to concur with Governor’s changes. Additionally, the Senate gave final legislative approval to A-2596 (Wisniewski/Sumter/Jimenez), a bill to require the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) to study the effectiveness of rules requiring fire extinguishers in kitchens in one- and two- family dwellings. [Note: A-2596 has no effect on multiple-dwellings.] Additionally, the Senate concurred with Assembly Amendments, to S-533 (Norcross/Oroho), the Common Sense Shared Services Act, which creates a pilot program in certain counties to help facilitate shared services agreements between municipalities. The General Assembly has yet to announce any future meeting dates, but is expected to return to Trenton for at least one Floor Session sometime before Election Day, November 5.