NJAA Opposed Sick Leave Mandate Bill Withdrawn from Senate Vote

Legislation imposing a new sick leave mandate on employers, S-785, was withdrawn from consideration by the full Senate on Monday. As such, there was no vote. The bill, sponsored by Senator Weinberg (D-Bergen), would require each employer to provide paid sick leave to each employee accrued on the basis of the number of hours worked.


The bill would require employers provide one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked. The accrual and the carry-forward of paid sick time would be capped at 40 hours (five days) for employers with fewer than 10 employees or 72 hours (nine days) for employers with 10 or more employees. The bill would prohibit general paid time off (“PTO”) policies where employees do not differentiate between types of paid leave, and would require employers track and document all workers’ hours. Additionally, the bill would allow workers to designate individuals, other than a child or spouse, for whom they could take time off if sick. The measure would create a significant liability on employers who could face legal action and penalties for recordkeeping violations. Furthermore, the measure would also have a tremendous impact on all employers, including those who currently offer paid sick leave benefits to their workers.

As such, NJAA has joined “Keep New Jersey Competitive Coalition,” which consists of business associations throughout New Jersey to oppose the measure.  For more information about the paid sick leave mandate and its impact, click here.