NJAA Opposes Legislation Imposing Mandates on Businesses Utilizing State Incentive Programs

NJAA provided testimony in opposition to A-328, sponsored by Assemblyman Singleton, which would modify provisions of the Grow New Jersey Assistance (GROW) program and the Economic Redevelopment and Growth Grant (ERG) program to require, amongst other things, that participating businesses pay prevailing wage rates to building maintenance, custodial, and security workers.

This bill would stifle the reinvestment that is transforming distressed areas into economically viable and desirable places within our State's communities.  Furthermore, the increased costs associated with these mandates would put upward pressure on housing costs.  While the bill was released in a 7-3 vote, NJAA will continue to oppose the measure in the Legislature.

Click here for a copy of NJAA's testimony in opposition to A-328.  Click here for a copy of the bill as introduced.