NJAA Submits Formal Comments Objecting to COAH Third Round Regulations

The NJAA submitted comments in advance of today's filing deadline opposing the proposed revisions to the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) Third Round regulations.

The New Jersey Supreme Court had ordered COAH to adopt regulations mirroring the previous rounds' methodology, however, the current proposal deviates significantly from the prior round methodology. These rules, if adopted in their current form, would almost certainly lead to a fresh round of litigation and continue the uncertainty and delays that have plagued the COAH process for the last fifteen years.

NJAA's comments recognize the importance of appropriate limitations on municipal land use regulations to facilitate the construction of affordable low- and moderate- income housing. Additionally, NJAA strongly objects to the removal of both requirements and incentives for facilitating rental housing.

Click here for a copy of NJAA's formal comment submission.