The Truth-in-Renting Act requires the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs to prepare and update annually a booklet summarizing the rights and responsibilities of apartment owners and residents.  This document has commonly become known as the “New Jersey Truth-in-Renting Booklet.”

The Truth-in-Renting Act (P.L. 1975, c. 310) requires property owners to distribute to each new resident when a lease is entered into a copy of the DCA prepared document. Property Owners must also keep copies of the most current edition available for residents available in an area where residents “can easily find it.” The DCA suggest that property owners retain some documentation of having given the booklet to each new residents (often tenants are asked to sign in lease that they received a copy). A fine of $100 for each offense can be assessed against a property owner for noncompliance with this rule.

After an extensive NJAA lobbying effort, the DCA has finally posted a searchable, printable, free copy of “Truth in Renting -- Guide to the Rights and Responsibilities of Residential Tenants and Landlords,” on the Internet. Property owners are now permitted to print the booklet for free directly from the website, without having to order the booklet from the DCA for delivery by US Mail.

See the resources to the left to download a copy of the 10th edition of the booklet.