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  • 11/24/15Follow Us on Social Media for our Latest Information and Updates

    Please take a look at our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for additional updates from NJAA!Continue Reading

  • 11/23/15Congratulations to NJAA Members Named to NJBIZ Power 50 In Real Estate

    Twelve NJAA members and NJAA Executive Director David Brogan were named to NJBIZ’s 2015 Real Estate Power 50 list. NJAA would like to congratulate its members who were recognized as power players in New Jersey's real estate industry.Continue Reading

  • 11/16/15Federal Tax Update: Bipartisan Budget Deal Overhauls Real Estate Partnership Audits

    The two year budget deal signed into law by President Obama contains provisions that overhaul the process by which large real estate partnerships are audited. Currently, the IRS holds individual partners responsible for their share of a partnership’s tax liability. Under the new measure, partnerships would be audited at the entity level. The partnership would then be responsible for any additional taxes. Additionally, there is an option for the partnership to remit amended K-1s in reporting partnership shares to the underlying partners. Continue Reading

  • 11/9/15Democrats Increase Their Majority in the General Assembly after Strong Showing in Midterm Elections

    In Tuesday’s midterm elections, in which Assembly races were at the top of the ballot, Democrats picked up four seats in the General Assembly, inching closer to a veto-proof majority. Continue Reading

  • 10/26/15Senate Passes Resolution to Override DEP Flood Hazard Control Act Regulations

    In a 26-12 vote this Thursday, the New Jersey Senate passed a resolution, SCR-180, to deem the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Flood Hazard Control Act regulations as being inconsistent with legislative intent. Continue Reading

Advocacy In Action

Multifamily Inspections: Restore Commonsense and Balance to Multifamily Inspections in New Jersey

A-3835 (Ryan/Jasey/Cryan) and S-2795 (Van Drew/Oroho) clarifies state law to restore common-sense and balance to a comprehensive registration/regulation/inspection system that has, for nearly 45 years, served renters and the public well. It aligns and clarifies various statutes to make the State solely responsible for establishing and enforcing registration, maintenance, use, and inspection standards for rental properties of 3 or more units and prevents municipalities from imposing additional registration, licensure or inspection schemes on properties already registered with and inspected by the State.See NJAA Position

Water Conservation: Encourage Conservation by Sub-Metering Water Usage

Residents who pay for their own water use less. Understanding one’s usage is necessary in order to reduce both the amount of water used and the amount they are billed for. This enables residents to directly reduce the cost by reducing the amount used.See NJAA Position

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