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  • 08/5/16Follow Us on Social Media for our Latest Information and Updates

    Please take a look at our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages for additional updates from NJAA!Continue Reading

  • 08/5/16President Obama Signs NAA/NMHC Supported Section 8 Housing Reforms

    On July 29, President Obama signed into law H.R. 3700, the "Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act of 2016.Continue Reading

  • 06/24/16NJAA Supports Permit Extension Act Renewal for the Nine Counties Most Heavily Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

    NJAA supported A-3617 (Green/Rible) S-2390 (Sarlo/Kyrillos), which would renew, for another year, the Permit Extension Act of 2008 for the nine counties most heavily impacted by Hurricane Sandy.Continue Reading

  • 06/24/16NJAA Opposes Bill to Create Worker Retention Requirements for Certain Building Service Employees

    NJAA testified in opposition to A-3907 (Giblin/Singleton/Quijano) and spearheaded a coalition of business and real estate organizations representing thousands of employers across the state in opposition to the measure.Continue Reading

  • 06/2/16NJAA Testified Before Assembly Housing Committee on the Multifamily Industry's Successes in Providing Lead-Safe and Lead-Free Housing

    NJAA provided testimony before the Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee on the multifamily apartment industry's efforts to provide lead-safe and lead-free housing to New Jersey's apartment residents. NJAA's testimony focused on the pre-existing federal and state regulatory framework aimed to address lead-based paint, and the multifamily industry's efforts to either remove lead-based paint where feasible, and to safely manage it where removal is unfeasible, by following lead-safe work practices. As a result of the industry's efforts, very few cases of lead-poisoning in children is ever sourced to professionally managed rental housing.Continue Reading

Advocacy In Action

Multifamily Inspections: Restore Commonsense and Balance to Multifamily Inspections in New Jersey

A-3835 (Ryan/Jasey/Cryan) and S-2795 (Van Drew/Oroho) clarifies state law to restore common-sense and balance to a comprehensive registration/regulation/inspection system that has, for nearly 45 years, served renters and the public well. It aligns and clarifies various statutes to make the State solely responsible for establishing and enforcing registration, maintenance, use, and inspection standards for rental properties of 3 or more units and prevents municipalities from imposing additional registration, licensure or inspection schemes on properties already registered with and inspected by the State.See NJAA Position

Water Conservation: Encourage Conservation by Sub-Metering Water Usage

Residents who pay for their own water use less. Understanding one’s usage is necessary in order to reduce both the amount of water used and the amount they are billed for. This enables residents to directly reduce the cost by reducing the amount used.See NJAA Position

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